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What are memorial beads?
Memorial beads are handmade glass beads which contain, sealed within the glass, your loved one's ashes. 
What I do is discuss with the customer what design and colors they wish.  They then send me 1/8 -1/4 tsp of ashes in a small baggie or other container.
I sit down at my torch, clear my mind and spirit, say a little blessing of thanks for the honor, and I begin to create.
I take a steel rod coated in bead release (this is the hole for the finished bead) and wrap it in molten glass.  I then roll the hot glass in the ashes and cover the ashes in more glass.  The ashes are in there forever.  I then proceed to complete the design. The bead is put into a kiln to be annealed.
The finished bead is wire wrapped and put on a sterling bail to be worn as a pendant or hung where it can be viewed whenever desired.
It has brought me great solace to wear my departed near my heart, and I have found that many others have found peace in having their loved ones available in this way was well.
It is hard for me to give examples of every kind of bead I can make.  I do hearts, decorated rounds, florals, flattened disks, even a glass bead created over an antique key.
Typicially a pendant is between $25-30
Please EMAIL ME   to discuss your bead.
Here are some examples:

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